Best thermal parameters on the market

The most popular thickness of thermally insulated balcony connectors on the polish market is 8 cm, which characterizes the TIPOMEGA.08 system.

Alternatively, 12 cm-thick TIPOMEGA.12 increases thermal insulation by another 20% compared to the latter. This solution is intended for low-energy constructions.

Comparing the thermal insulation of TIPOMEGA.08 and TIPOMEGA.12 to other connectors with the same insulation thickness available on the market helps to make the right choice of how to protect the balcony slabs against heat transmission out of the building.

TIPOMEGA.16 addresses the needs of the most demanding architects and investors who seek balcony connectors with the vest thermal insulation parameters. 16 cm thick, it is currently the most effective solution on the market and is our answer for the global zero-energy constructions trend.