Best thermal insulation on the market

The most popular thickness of insulating connectors on the market is 8 cm, which is applied in the TIPOMEGA.08 system.

TIPOMEGA.12 connectors, with a thickness of 12 cm, intended for low-energy buildings, have insulating power enhanced by approx. 20% compared to those mentioned above.

Comparing the insulating power of TIPOMEGA.08 and TIPOMEGA.12 with their counterparts on the market, with the same insulation thickness, helps to make the right choice when it comes to the method of protecting balcony slabs against heat escape from a house or apartment.

TIPOMEGA.16, which cannot be compared due to the absence of counterparts on the market, is a response to the needs of demanding architects and investors who are looking for a balcony connectors with the best thermal insulation specifications. Its width is 16 cm, and it meets the requirements posed by the global trend of zero-energy construction.