Intuitive design, easy installation

All the elements of the TIPOMEGA® system are manufactured and delivered to the customer according to an individual balcony or roof design. To facilitate transport, storage and assembly in a prefabrication plant or on a construction site, the total length of the line joint is divided into 1200 mm pre-fabricated TIP modules, each with an individual label. The label contains information specifying the balcony number, the sequence number of the balcony element, the directional arrow, the method of incorporation into the formwork, the production date and the investment ID.

TIP insulation modules should be placed on the vibration table in the prefabrication plant or on the shuttering boards on the construction site in the appropriate direction, adjoining each other and in the sequence, according to the executive documentation.

Then, after removing the TIP top profiles integrated with the fire protection board, remove the loose fragments of the middle insulation profiles from the modules and insert them into the OMEGA load-bearing modules. The OMEGA frames with thermal insulation prepared in this way should be inserted back into the TIP insulation modules, covered with the upper TIP profiles again and bound with assembly tape.

After completing the assembly of the balcony slab reinforcement and the ceiling, the OMEGA frames and the upper TIP profiles should be stabilized. This can be done by tying the OMEGA frames to the reinforcement and the TIP profiles to the OMEGA frames.