Intuitive design, easy installation

The advantages of modular construction of the TIPOMEGA® system and insulation of the balcony-ceiling connection along its entire length are particularly appreciated by construction managers. Convenient logistics, order at the construction site, no cutting of the connectors, no insulation filling of the system with pieces of foam or wool, simple and independent installation saves time and money of construction companies.
Installation of the TIPOMEGA ® system comes down to four simple steps:

The TIP bottom profiles integrated into the fire protection panel are factory-installed along the entire length of the line joint.

Detail "A"

OMEGA support modules, equipped with fragments of the middle TIP insulation profiles, are mounted in factory-prepared bottom profile ridges under the design documentation.

The middle sections of the TIP insulation profiles are mounted in the spaces between the OMEGA steel frames.

The fourth stage of installation TIP OMEGA ® components is the positioning of, an integrated factory with intumescent plate, profiles of the upper TIP.