The highest level of structure safety

The symmetrical construction of the OMEGA steel frame with respect to its horizontal axis allows the transfer of both shear forces and bending moments in the positive and negative directions. This regularity greatly facilitates both design and installation on the ceiling or in a precast element.

The designer does not need to pay attention to the change in the direction of cross-sectional forces – he is only interested in the magnitude of this force. The contractor can freely set the connector in the bottom TIP profile: “up-down” or “down-up”. With the symmetry of the OMEGA module’s construction relative to its vertical axis, there are also no mistakes at construction sites in the case of the wrong direction of arrangement of the connectors. During installation, it does not matter on which side of the connection the balcony and the ceiling are.

The innovatory construction of the OMEGA module simplifies the designing process and therefore comes down to determining the most favourable interaction between the force value V and M the bending moment. During the research on the system, additional restrictions on the value of V forces were also analyzed due to the shear load capacity of the external reinforced concrete slab and the load capacity of the anchorage zone

Compliance with fire protection regulations stated in the Regulation “Technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location” is ensured by MCR TECBOR magnesium plates. Thanks to their use on all non-concrete surfaces of the linear joint, the solution meets the highest requirements of fire resistance.

The manufacturer of the TIPOMEGA ® system, after conducting tests at the Accredited Research Laboratory of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw, received the REI 120 fire resistance classification.