Intuitive designing, problem-free installation

Elements of the TIPOMEGA® system are manufactured and delivered to the recipient by the manufacturer according to the individual design of the balcony or canopy. To facilitate transport, storage and installation at the prefabrication plants or on site, the total length of the linear joint is essentially divided into factory-made TIP modules 1200 mm in length. Every TIP module has its individual label. The label contains information specifying the balcony number, the next number of the balcony component, directional arrow, method of incorporation into formwork, date of production and investment identifier.

TIP insulating modules must be arranged in the proper direction, with contact between them, and in the appropriate sequence (according to detailed design documentation) on a vibration table at the prefabrication plant or on formwork panels on site.

Next, after removal of the upper TIP profiles, integrated at the factory with the fire-resistant panel, loose fragments of central insulating profiles must be removed from modules and placed into OMEGA load-bearing modules. OMEGA frames with thermal insulation, prepared in this way, should be re-inserted into TIP insulating modules, covered again with upper TIP profiles, and the entirety should be tied together with installation tape.

After completion of rebar installation in balcony slabs and the floor slab, OMEGA frames and upper TIP profiles should be stabilized. This can be done by tying OMEGA frames to the rebar and TIP profiles to the OMEGA frames.