the polish thermally insulated balcony connector system

Filozofia opatentowanego systemu TIPOMEGA® opiera się na trzech zasadach:


The most important feature of TIPOMEGA ®, which distinguishes it from all known solutions of reducing thermal bridges in the balcony plates, is its’ highest insulation rate. This was confirmed by a scientific study carried out at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz and approved by the experts of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

The use of combinations of bent steel plates as balcony support elements ( instead of rods as in most such solutions) allows an increase in thickness of the thermal insulation of the TIPOMEGA ® system up to 16 cm.


Production technology of TIPOMEGA connectors and its constant evaluation and supervision by external units guarantees the highest safety level of the construction of balconies.

Architects and site managers lay their trust in TIPOMEGA® connectors due to the use of profiled stainless steel instead of rods, arc welding technology instead of flash welding of structural elements and the standard use of REI 120 fire protection along the entire line joint.

The use of two omega profiles, symmetrically arranged in the upper zone and the lower zone of the connector, allowed for greater rigidity of the structure. As a result, the user experiences less vibration while walking on the balcony.


Hundreds, even thousands of different types of balcony connectors, which all other construction market producers use, have been reduced in TIPOMEGA® to eighty types of each width (8 cm, 12 cm and 16 cm). This outcome has been achieved thanks to the modular structure of the system.

In all variants of the shape of the “U” reinforcing bars, the OMEGA frame can move shear forces V in both directions (both positive and negative). Additionally, in the case of using U1 bars welded to both the upper and lower profile (OMEGA.XX.YY.U11.U11) in the frame, the above property also applies to the transfer of bending moments M.

Site managers highly appreciate the modular structure of the TIPOMEGA® system and the insulation of the balcony-ceiling connection along its entire length. Convenient logistics, order on the construction site, the lack of need to cut the connectors, nor to fill the insulation system with pieces of polystyrene or wool, intuitive design and simple and independent installation saves time and money for construction companies.


We invite you to use the cost calculator for using the TIPOMEGA ® system on your balcony.

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