Polish balcony insulating connectors

The philosophy of the patented TIPOMEGA® system is based on three principles:

Best thermal insulation on the market

The most important feature of the TIPOMEGA® system, distinguishing it from all known solutions mitigating thermal bridges in balcony slabs, is its superlative insulating power This is confirmed by scientific studies conducted at the Bydgoszcz University of Technology and by an Expert Opinion from the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

The application of stainless steel profiles as load-bearing components in connectors (instead of bars as in most other solutions of this type) made it possible to increase the thickness of thermal insulation up to 16 cm.

Certainty and stability of the structure

The production technology applied for manufacturing of connectors and its continuous assessment and monitoring by outside entities guarantees the appropriate level of safety of balcony structures with TIPOMEGA® connectors.

Designers and site managers trust TIPOMEGA® connectors due to the application in their design of shaped stainless steel instead of bars and arc welding technology  instead of flash welding of structural components, as well as due to REI 120 fire protection applied as standard along the entire linear joint.

The application of two omega profiles, symmetrically arranged in the upper and lower zone of the connector, makes it possible to achieve greater stiffness of the structure. Thanks to this, the user feels much less vibration as they walk over their balcony.

Intuitive designing, problem-free installation

The hundreds, and even thousands, of different types of balcony connectors applied by all manufacturers present on the construction market, have been reduced in TIPOMEGA® to thirty-five types in every thickness (8 cm, 12 cm and 16 cm). This effect was achieved thanks to the system’s modular design.

In all “U” shape variants of reinforcing bars, the OMEGA frame is capable of carrying transverse forces V in both directions (in both the positive and negative direction). Additionally, in the case of application in the frame of U1 bars welded to both the top and bottom profile (OMEGA.XX.YY.U11.U11), the above property also applied to carrying of bending moments M.

The advantages of the TIPOMEGA® system’s modular design and insulation of the balcony-floor slab joint throughout its entire length are particularly appreciated by site managers. Convenient logistics, order on the site, no trimming of connectors, no filling of insulation with pieces of polystyrene or wool, and simple and do-it-yourself installation save time and money for construction companies.


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