thermally insulated balcony connectors system

The philosophy of the TIPOMEGA ® patent-pending system is based on three basic principles:
insulation, safety and simplicity.

Unique thermal protection of balcony-slab connection

The most important feature of TIPOMEGA ® system, which distinguishes it from all known solutions to reduce thermal bridges in the balcony plates, is the highest insulation. This was confirmed by a scientific study carried out at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz and the experts of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

The use of combinations of bent steel plates as balcony support elements ( instead of rods as in most such solutions) allows an increase in thickness of the thermal insulation of the TIPOMEGA ® system up to 16 cm.

The highest level of structure safety

The highest level of construction safety is provided by linear welding technology (instead of spot welding) of high-strength stainless steel with black steel and uncompromising fire protection made on all non-concrete surfaces of the balcony-ceiling connection.

The components of the OMEGA support module are connected by double-sided fillet welds that are several dozen millimetres each. All variants of the TIPOMEGA ® system are protected against fire along the entire joint, which is both from above and below, as well as both side edges.

The use of two omega profiles, symmetrically arranged in the upper zone and the lower zone of the connector, allowed for greater rigidity of the structure. As a result, the user experiences less vibration when walking on the balcony.

Intuitive design, easy installation

Hundreds, even thousands of different types of balcony connectors, which all other construction market producers use, have been reduced to the dozens of types in TIPOMEGA ®. This outcome has been achieved thanks to the modular structure of the system, which consists of TIP insulation profiles and OMEGA load-bearing elements.

The OMEGA frame, made of a pair of cold-formed hat profiles and reinforcing bars, can transfer cross-sectional forces in both positive and negative directions. With this designer and contractor have complete freedom in the design studio and site installation.

Polish technical thought and domestic production

Civil engineer Dariusz Glaza in the years 2005 - 2017 was professionally associated with the largest German manufacturer of balcony thermal connectors. The skills to build relationships with clients and the accumulated capital of technical knowledge he gained at the time allowed him to start working on the TIPOMEGA ® system in 2017. Together with a group of friends who work as designers of building structures, construction managers, investor supervision inspectors and scientists of a national technical university, he has developed his technology of thermal balcony connectors. In 2018, the team created the theoretical basis for the solution and conducted a series of tests and laboratory tests of the system. The culmination of these works was the application in 2019 to the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw for the issue of the National Technical Assessment allowing the use of the TIPOMEGA ® system in construction.
The TIPOMEGA® system has been registered at the European Patent Office (EPO) and the TIPOMEGA® trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


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